Alex Comfort, CFRE

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Alex Comfort, CFRE, has 34 years of experience in an extremely broad range of development and fundraising work. His knowledge, skill, creativity, integrity, humor, speaking ability and tenacity have been hallmarks of his development career in New Orleans, the region around Asheville, NC, and nationally.

"My work always involves a great deal of personal time with my clients. My emphasis is helping people raise more money — especially through major gifts for the present and planned giving for the future. Let me help you with the hard work needed to get you where you need to be."
— Alex Comfort, CFRE

We are so grateful for Alex's work with us, we've given him two awards! In 2002, Alex received the "Credit Where Credit Is Due" Award and in 2011, as we recognized The Melvin R. Lane Fund, we highlighted Alex's role in our agency's evolution. This is from the 2011 award presentation: Alex was our ever-present, supremely helpful liaison from the Melvin R. Lane Fund; his expertise in fundraising and donor development led to our hiring the first Director of Development and launching, in 2002, our annual signature event: The Financial Literacy Luncheon.

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Alex Comfort, CFRE

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Even a Blind Squirrel Finds an Occasional Acorn:
Fundraising Tales from the Front Lines
by Alex Comfort, CFRE

How do people become great fundraisers and leaders in general? This book tells professional fundraisers of all skill levels, executive directors, and board members how to maximize giving from all sorts of people. Using true stories as his method, Alex Comfort, CFRE, illustrates everything a person must do to help a beloved non-profit agency. The stories do the teaching, not a heavy-droning professor. Employing humor and the everyday joys and trials of approaching people, Comfort's book is a quick read which makes an immediate impact. Expect to laugh a lot and even shed a tear or two with the real-life people who show that anyone who loves a charity can secure the resources it needs to help an organization become better at its mission.