Capital Campaigns

Feasibility Studies and Campaign Direction

Alex Comfort - Capital Campaigns

Alex Comfort

The value of non-profit organizations is unquestioned. But as income streams tighten, capital and endowment campaigns are of pivotal importance for fiscal stability. Mountain Non-Profit Solutions has the experience, skill, creativity, and leadership ability to complete the campaign on time and meet and exceed your financial goal.

Capital campaigns have changed a lot since 1986. No longer do they occur “once in a lifetime”. Now most donors are very familiar with the process.

Leadership of 45 successful capital and endowment campaigns over 37 years leads to the following suggestions:

Emmanuel Lutheran Church and School

  • A Feasibility Study should be done for every campaign.
  • A consultant is essential in achieving the best in dollars produced, mission enhancement, and constituent harmony.
  • Development of the “case” or list of items to be accomplished is one of the most important steps in campaign strategy.
  • Training an army of volunteers is critical to success.
  • Setting achievable deadlines and proper coaching will decrease the length of the process and improve success.
  • Endowment components in campaigns have become more normal in recent years and should be embraced enthusiastically.
  • Planned Giving can be included in campaigns.
  • Done properly, a capital campaign will actually improve your Annual Fund results.

You need a consultant you can trust and who can tailor a project to your individual situation.  Mountain Non-Profit Solutions will listen to you and help provide the results you need.